"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Masakatsu aikido dojo

We invite you to the world of aikido: mysterious and multilayered.

What aikido can give you? First of all, what you can take, and what you will work hard upon.

Your body becomes stronger and more flexible. Reaction time and coordination skills are constantly improving. With regard to fighting aspect, the most serious attention is paid to the distance (ma ai - "harmony of space") and timing. In due course aikido students acquire power and precision in their technique, move from learning speed to fighting speed.

Inner work includes one's control of his/her emotions and of excessive muscle tension. Aikido is sometimes called "zen in motion": harmony with the Universe, as well as with the person currently attacking you, brings aikidoka in a state of detachment from inner and outer fuss. Warrior must be calm and relaxed – only then he will be able to win continuously without getting tired.

Masa Katsu

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